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Plans for 550 houses in North-East Hook

Inaccurate announcement by Hook Parish Council

Many of you may have seen an announcement by Hook Parish Council that “Planning permission has been granted for housing developments at Reading Road and Brown Croft, despite local opposition”. On their web site they have provided more detail, but

Hart has waved the white flag to developers

I’m afraid we were unsuccessful tonight in blocking or delaying either of the planning applications under consideration by Hart. Because they are both outside of current settlement boundaries both have to go before a full council meeting for ratification, but

Hart Planning Meeting is tonight – 12th February

The Hart Planning Committee meeting deciding the first two big housing planning applications is tonight, Wednesday, 12th February at 7pm and we would ask any of you who can possibly come to please join us in support of our opposition

Sainsbury’s planning decision

I’m sorry to have to report that Hart District Council this evening recommended approval for the Sainsbury’s store application. Because of the size of the site it has to be forwarded to the Secretary of State for final approval but

Housing for Hook and Sainsbury’s planning application update

The Hart Local Plan that included the provision for housing development in North East Hook was rejected by the Planning Inspector, but this will not stop the development of this area. The Inspector did not believe that the Hart Local

Sainsbury’s planning application being discussed at Parish Council Planning Meeting this Wednesday

Hook Parish Council will be considering the Sainsbury’s planning application at their Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 7th August at 8pm in the Community Centre viagra autre produit. This meeting is open to press and public. If you object to