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High Ridge Farm 60 house development with access via Brown Croft

“Reserved Matters” Planning Application for Brown Croft

A number of people have contacted us having received a notification of new planning application reference 15/00281/MAJOR, “60 dwellings at High Ridge Farm Newnham Road Hook Hampshire”, concerned that this was yet another planning application with which to contend. However,

Summary of Public Meeting 14th March 2014

The meeting was exceptionally well attended with approximately 350 people in the room and the hallway outside the room, and countless others being unable to attend because of insufficient parking space. The numbers of attendees at the meeting, despite the

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Update 24-MAR-2014: This issue should now be resolved and the extra popup login prompt should no longer appear. Alternative security measures have been implemented. I will leave this message here. If you receive an extra popup login prompt as described

Public Meeting on planning with our MP

Our MP, James Arbuthnot, will be holding a ‘Meet your MP’ session next week with the focus squarely on planning. Date: Friday 14th March Time: 7 viagra gel.30pm to 8.30pm Location: Basingstoke Country Hotel, Woodlands Suite Also attending to hear

Inaccurate announcement by Hook Parish Council

Many of you may have seen an announcement by Hook Parish Council that “Planning permission has been granted for housing developments at Reading Road and Brown Croft, despite local opposition”. On their web site they have provided more detail, but

Hart has waved the white flag to developers

I’m afraid we were unsuccessful tonight in blocking or delaying either of the planning applications under consideration by Hart. Because they are both outside of current settlement boundaries both have to go before a full council meeting for ratification, but

Hart Planning Meeting is tonight – 12th February

The Hart Planning Committee meeting deciding the first two big housing planning applications is tonight, Wednesday, 12th February at 7pm and we would ask any of you who can possibly come to please join us in support of our opposition

High Ridge Farm application also being decided on 12th February

It has been confirmed that the High Ridge Farm (Brown Croft) development is also being considered and decided at the Hart Planning Committee Meeting on 12th February. So anyone concerned about that particular proposal or the Reading Road one or

Planning meeting for Reading Road housing development on 12th February

At least one person has received a notification that the Hart Planning Committee will consider and decide the application for 70 houses at Reading Road at 7pm on Wednesday 12th February, just 8 days from now. I expect the remainder

Summary of the 8th Jan Parish Council Planning Committee meeting

The Parish Council Planning Committee meeting went pretty much as expected last night. The room was full (admittedly it was not a very large room), so my thanks to everyone who gave up their time to attend. As I said