Contact details including for elected representatives – updated May 2018

Hook Action Against Over-development:

Elected representatives and council officials

Make sure your elected representatives know how you feel about development plans for Hook.

Member of Parliament – Ranil Jayawardena, MP

You must include your full address so that he can be sure you are a constituent. Lobby Ranil Jayawardena to have the planning system immediately fixed to protect areas where, for purely technical reasons, a new Local Plan has failed to be approved. In these cases Local Authorities must be allowed to retain control over local settlement boundaries. It must not be up to developers to decide where housing can be placed.

Planning Minister – Gavin Barwell, MP

District Council – with responsibility for all planning matters

  • Elected District Councillors
Name Email Position/notes
Jane Worlock Hook Ward Councillor, Planning Committee Member
Mike Morris Hook Ward Councillor
Brian Burchfield Hook Ward Councillor
Graham Cockarill Chair of Planning Commitee and Cabinet Member for Planning Services
  • Non elected District Council Officers – for matters of planning process
Name Email Position/notes
Daryl Phillips Joint Chief Executive and Corporate Director – Planning Planning admin

Hook Parish Council – able to comment on planning matters but no powers

Name Email Position/notes
Jane Worlock Chair of Parish Council
John Orchard Chair of Planning Committee Planning admin