Owen’s Farm / West of Hook DEFEATED

We did it – no development of 700 houses at Owen’s Farm After Hart and residents had stated their case to the Planning Inspector hearing the Appeal for the 700 home development at Owen’s Farm to the west of Hook,

Details of the Planning Inquiry Hearing for Owens Farm / West of Hook

A date has now been set for the hearing of the appeal by Wilbur Developments against the decision by Hart DC to refuse the planning application for 700 dwellings at Owens Farm (aka West of Hook). The appeal process entails

Positive Signs that Hart May Soon Have an Adopted Local Plan

A first response has been received from the Planning Inspector regarding the Hart Local Plan for which the Examination in Public (EiP) took place late last year. His response to Hart has been to indicate that with a few changes

Owens Farm – Threat to Jubilee Green & Hook Common

Recently we advised you of applications to: deregister part of the Jubilee Green – site of the War Memorial carry out restricted work on Hook common in Newnham Road. The applicant’s intention is to use parts of these green spaces

Hart Local Plan Examination in Public Hearing Report

The very long awaited Examination in Public hearings on the proposed Hart Local Plan took place in December 2018. Our report on these hearings is on the following page: https://hookdevaction.org.uk/lp-eip-report/ This is a crucial stage in the Hart Local Plan

Update on Owens Farm / West of Hook Appeal

Owens Farm – West of Hook Wilbur Developments have raised an appeal against the decision by Hart DC to refuse the planning application for 700 dwellings at Owens Farm. The appeal process entails a Public Inquiry held by a Planning

News on Owens Farm / West of Hook

Thanks in part due to the amazing public response (for the second time) against the application for 700 dwellings at Owens Farm to the west of Hook, Hart DC refused planning permission to this ridiculous proposed development. As expected, the

West of Hook (700 houses!) Developer Revises Application, New Action Needed

OBJECT NOW AT Hart Planning Application Follow this link to find the date on which you submitted your original comment: Names and Dates The planning application for 700 houses to the west of Hook (at “Owen’s Farm”) quite rightly attracted over 830 objections

Council Approves Draft Local Plan for Final Consultation and Submission

The series of special Council meetings in the first week of January resulted in the proposed new Local Plan being approved to progress to the final “Regulation 19” public consultation and then on to an Examination in Public by a

Local Plan Update

A Happy New Year to all our readers. Recently there has been considerable progress on the Local Plan in that the final proposed draft is now almost ready to be published for public consultation and examination by a planning inspector who