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Reading Road 70 house development

High Ridge Farm application also being decided on 12th February

It has been confirmed that the High Ridge Farm (Brown Croft) development is also being considered and decided at the Hart Planning Committee Meeting on 12th February. So anyone concerned about that particular proposal or the Reading Road one or

Planning meeting for Reading Road housing development on 12th February

At least one person has received a notification that the Hart Planning Committee will consider and decide the application for 70 houses at Reading Road at 7pm on Wednesday 12th February, just 8 days from now. I expect the remainder

Summary of the 8th Jan Parish Council Planning Committee meeting

The Parish Council Planning Committee meeting went pretty much as expected last night. The room was full (admittedly it was not a very large room), so my thanks to everyone who gave up their time to attend. As I said

Update and final call for comments on the Reading Road and High Ridge Farm planning applications

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year break. Several of us spent a part of our break out leafleting further afield to try to raise awareness of the underhand timing of the initial planning applications

Hook Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting Weds 8th January

The objections to the planning applications for houses at Reading Road and Owens Farm are really accumulating at a pace now. Hook Parish Council is not the decision maker on these planning applications but they do have official input into

First housing development planning applications submitted

This is a summary of the first three major planning applications for housing in the system for Hook and remember these are all IN ADDITION to the main expected application for 550 houses in North East Hook. The three applications,

First major housing development planning application has been made

The first large housing development planning application for Hook has been submitted. This is for 70 houses and is in addition to the plans for 500+ houses on the land at North East Hook and will in no way reduce