Initial Results From Hart’s Housing Consultation

Well done to all our supporters who responded to the Hart Housing Consultation, both the original cancelled one and the replacement. Hart have published an analysis of the results and it is clear that you responded in great numbers. In

Massive Housing Plans Threaten Hook and Fleet

Fleet News and Mail are reporting on the huge threat to Hook and Fleet if a new settlement is not built. Fleet and Hook to be Swamped With Nearly 5500 Houses if a New Settlement is not Built Residents in Fleet, Church Crookham,

The Brownfield vs Greenfield Myth

There has been a lot of talk about brownfield development and some claims that a new settlement is not necessary because brownfield housing development can provide for all of Hart’s housing needs. Brownfield housing development is the reuse of property

Hart Housing Consultation Restarted – Your Action Needed

Hart have now restarted the Housing Consultation that was halted in January. Your action is needed to carry forward any previous response you made. If you did not respond before, now is your chance to do so and attempt to

Hart Housing Consultation Stopped

Hart have decided to stop the current Housing Consultation, just one day before the official end date. In their rush to get the consultation up and running before Christmas, there were anomalies introduced in the consultation documentation and also differences

Quick Guide to Completing the Hart Housing Consultation

Hart Housing Consultation now restarted! If you are looking for the background information and reasoning for our recommended responses, click here. This page contains a short form version to help you complete the Housing Options Consultation with responses that are endorsed by Hook

URGENT: Respond Now to Avoid 900+ Further Houses for Hook

The dust has barely settled on the last round of housing approvals for Hook and before work has started on a single site we are being faced with the critical question of where to build yet more homes. 801 new

Special Notice: Walking With The Wounded Veterans Walking Through Hook 12 Oct

Walking With The Wounded is a charity which supports war veterans with physical, mental or social injuries getting back to work. Six ex-military injured are walking through Hook on Monday 12th October at around 9am as they trek from Scotland to

Hop Garden Road Planning Inquiry – Developer’s Appeal Refused!!!

The decision from the Hop Garden Road Planning Inquiry arrived 2 weeks earlier than expected and it was absolutely brilliant news. The Planning Inspector comprehensively rejected the developer’s appeal on multiple grounds. We won!​​ As a reminder, Hart’s planning officers rejected

Hop Garden Road Planning Inquiry – Your Help is Needed!

The formal Planning Inquiry into the development of 48 houses at the end of Hop Garden Road resumes on 9th May. Please help us to get this development thrown out. This development is the only one of the major recent developments