Hart Local Plan Adopted

The Hook Neighbourhood Plan was “made”, i.e. became effective, at the Hart District Full Council Meeting on 27th February. It was expected that the Hart Local Plan would be similarly “made” at the 27th March Hart Full Council Meeting.

Unfortunately the 27th March Full Council Meeting was cancelled due to Coronavirus. But Hart District Council held it’s first ever virtual Council Meeting on 30th April and we are delighted to report that at that meeting the Hart Local Plan was formally adopted and is now effective.

After many years of trials and tribulations, the content of both the Hook Neighbourhood Plan and Hart Local Plan have been approved. These two plans, both valid until 2032 clearly define where development can take place in Hook and hence should remove uncertainty over planning issues and prevent future speculative development applications.

We hope you are as DELIGHTED as we are with these recent decisions. We should add that the Local Plan will need to be reviewed regularly throughout the plan period to ensure it is kept current and we will keep you advised on the status during those planned periodic reviews.

For now we want Hook (& Hart District) to look forward to any developments being ‘plan led’ rather than ‘developer led’!