Hook Action Against Over-development

Hook Action Against Over-development was started when it became clear that Hart District Council had decided that the majority of housing development in Hart for the next 5 or more years would take place in Hook. Since that time things have got worse. The Hart Draft Local Plan was rejected by the Government Planning Inspector. Hart adopted the housing strategy from that plan even though it had been deemed unsound. Developers are now circling Hook to try to build even more houses than the huge number Hart had suggested including outside the areas selected by Hart for housing. Sainsbury’s submitted a planning application for a superstore away from the village centre but adjacent to current houses and designed to attract incoming traffic from far afield. We decided to stand up to this onslaught, publicise what was happening and fight against it.

The current retail and housing plans for North East Hook represent a significant over-development of the immediate area and of Hook as a whole. As with other areas in the South East of England, additional housing is required in Hook. To support that housing additional retail capacity is also required. But the current plans for retail and residential development in North East Hook are on far too large a scale for the village of Hook. The traffic in Hook is already a huge problem on a daily basis for residents and commuters into the business areas. The planned retail and housing development is simply not proportionate to the area and must be scaled back.

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