Planning Application for Stables Near Hop Garden Road – A Stalking Horse?

A planning application for stabling looks suspiciously like an application that has been carefully designed to make an application for housing easier in the future.

The application is to erect permanent stabling in the field off Hop Garden Road that was previously the subject of a planning applications for 47 houses. The application for housing was rejected by Hart and the rejection was upheld at appeal, in large part due to concerted action by residents.

The new application is for erection of 3 stables, a feed store and tack room on a concrete base. Although the structure would be permanent, it would be on the edge of the field away from existing houses in Hook (though it is not a very wide field). At first glance this application would appear to be of little concern, but the strange thing is that despite this field having an existing gate for pedestrian and vehicular access, a new pedestrian only access point is included in this application, with the access being into Hop Garden Road. Residents will be aware that this is the access point that was proposed for vehicles into the site when it was proposed for housing.

There is no conceivable benefit to having a pedestrian only access at this point into a field for horses, especially when there is no parking provision (or availability) in Hop Garden Road for vehicles attending the field. It is a wholly residential area with parking already under pressure. We believe that if this application were approved, the likelihood is that the principle of access established could be used in future planning applications for housing to ease the passage of the application.

Hook Parish Council are not objecting to the stabling but are objecting to the requested access because they are equally suspicious and see no need for this access. We would urge everyone to object to the access request in this application. The planning application reference is 16/02301/FUL and you can leave a comment at this link pharmacie en ligne viagra. Comments must be made by 3rd October so please do it right away.