Positive Signs that Hart May Soon Have an Adopted Local Plan

A first response has been received from the Planning Inspector regarding the Hart Local Plan for which the Examination in Public (EiP) took place late last year.

His response to Hart has been to indicate that with a few changes the plan can be made sound and then progress to adoption. This was always the most likely situation since no submitted plan ever progresses without changes and there had been no indication at the EiP that the plan was fundamentally unsound.

The biggest change suggested by the Inspector is the recommendation for removal of “Policy SS3”, which was the proposal for a new settlement to start to deliver housing towards the end of the current plan period. The Inspector does not believe this will be required to meet the needs for housing in Hart over the plan period, but he accepted that Hart may wish to continue investigating this option to deliver housing beyond the current plan period. A review of housing need within the current plan period, as is being proposed by Government, might change this situation.

We will be circulating a more detailed note on the Inspector’s response shortly.