“Reserved Matters” Planning Application for Brown Croft

A number of people have contacted us having received a notification of new planning application reference 15/00281/MAJOR, “60 dwellings at High Ridge Farm Newnham Road Hook Hampshire”, concerned that this was yet another planning application with which to contend. However, this is simply the detailed planning application subsequent to the previous outline planning application for the same location. Despite Hook residents’ objections the outline planning application for this site was granted last year and this new application now presents the “reserved matters”, those being appearance, landscaping, layout and scale plus several details being provided to satisfy the planning conditions set on the granting of outline application.

This application provides details of the proposed 60 houses, site layout, parking etc, all of which can be commented upon. It should be noted that the principle of having 60 houses has already been approved and will not be changed so there is little point commenting on the total number. But residents, especially those living close to this site, should review this application carefully. It is the last chance to influence the detail of the houses that will be built on this site.

Do not be daunted by the large number of documents (83 of them!) – we would suggest that you initially only need look at the Design & Access Statement, which gives an overview of the whole proposal and should enable you to identify any areas of concern that you may wish to comment upon. You can then if necessary look at other documents which give greater detail on particular aspects.

Comments on the application can be made to Hart via their website, by email or letter by the 14th March deadline. The website link is http://publicaccess.hart.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=NJAGO8HZKKO00

The developer has also submitted three further separate applications to discharge further conditions attached to the approval of the outline application. They are:

13/02567/CON1 – Description of the construction method identifying the phases that the build will go through. A prime purpose of this is to define a method that ensures disruption to neighbours is minimised during construction.

13/02567/CON2 – Description of an archaeological survey that concluded that “The site is considered low archaeological potential”

13/02567/CON3 – Agreement with Scottish and Southern Power on power supply

These can also be commented upon should you have particular views upon these aspects. Use the links above to access the documents for each of them.