West of Hook (“Owens Farm”) development – planning application now submitted

Following the developer consultation some months ago it is no surprise that the developer has now rushed to submit an application aiming to get in before any Local Plan might rule out their site.

The planning application with reference 17/02317/OUT is for an urban extension of 700 dwellings on Owens Farm, on the western edge of Hook. Details of the application are at:


Such a development is totally unacceptable. When residents were asked by Hart about the options for new housing in Hart, as we all know urban extensions were emphatically rejected. But for developers, urban extensions are very lucrative options – green fields are easiest for construction, tacking more and more housing onto existing settlements reduces or eliminates their need to provide infrastructure and leaves us all with the extra traffic and pressure on services. Work is well underway on the Reading Road development and preparation has started on North East Hook, but before a single house of the 750+ already approved has been built there is this new proposal for an urban extension of another 700 houses on the west of Hook.

The application consists of over 140 documents. We are currently distilling these and will post updates and further information about this application at the following link: further information. In the meantime please do look at the application and respond to Hart DC accordingly.