Application for 550 houses at NE Hook to be decided on 10th September

The application to build 550 houses at North East Hook, the largest development in Hook for many years, will be decided by the Hart Planning committee on Wednesday, 10th September. It is being recommended for approval by the Hart Planning Officer involved. The Planning Officer’s report is available here (page 10 onwards).

Hook’s District Councillors are supporting approval of this application and have written a letter to Hook Focus explaining why. If you’ve not yet read it, see below:


Only two new documents have been submitted by the developer since the public consultation period ended. These are an indication of the sizes of the houses planned and a map indicating how many houses are on each area of the overall site. It is usual for the developer to update documents in advance of the planning committee hearing, to address comments received from official consultees and the public during the consultation period, but as yet no updated documents have been added to the planning case.

Hook Action Against Overdevelopment will be speaking at the meeting. We will be telling the Planning Committee that this is not a suitable development for Hook, but we also have to be realistic and tell them that if they choose to approve it then they have to address the multitude of issues identified during the consultation process, definitively block any further development at Hook for the foreseeable future and to provide Hook with the facilities that should be available to a population increasing beyond 10,000, which would be the result of this and the other recently approved developments. We have only a few minutes to speak, so it will not be possible to raise all of the issues with this application once again.