Hop Garden Road application REJECTED

We are delighted to report that the application to build 48 dwellings off Hop Garden Road has been Rejected by Hart District Council. The decision on this application was delegated to Planning Officers, meaning it did not even come before a Planning Committee. The Officer’s report can be found on the planning website here, but the basis for rejection was both the erosion of the gap between Hook and Newnham plus a number of factors (insufficient on-site play space, insufficient buffer to protected trees etc) that together would make the housing density too great when compared to other housing in the vicinity. There were also specific issues with delivery of affordable housing and mitigation of impact on local infrastructure.

The 100+ objection submissions on this case, many of which were extremely well prepared, were undoubtedly taken into account by the planning case officer. Well done to everyone who contributed in this effort.

Whilst we welcome the rejection, we also recognise that the developer now has 6 months during which they may appeal this decision.