Hart Housing Consultation Restarted – Your Action Needed

Hart have now restarted the Housing Consultation that was halted in January. Your action is needed to carry forward any previous response you made. If you did not respond before, now is your chance to do so and attempt to prevent Hook being forced to take 900+ additional houses on top of the 700 already approved.

It is critical that you take action to confirm your previous response as Hart are not permitted to carry them forward automatically. It only take 2 minutes to do this.

The trivial errors in the documentation make no material difference whatsoever, but the threat of a challenge meant they could not continue. You can see the changes highlighted in the document at this link: Refined Options for Delivering New Homes version showing main changes.

If you provided your email address when responding previously then you should have already been notified of the action required. it may have gone to your your spam folder, but don’t worry as we will tell you what you need to do below. If you did not provide an email address you can still request that your comments be carried forward based on your name and postcode. Remember that everyone in the household can respond individually and you will each need to carry out the confirmation process.

How to carry forward your previous response

If you are happy that the changes shown in the document referenced above make no difference to your response, visit http://www.hart.gov.uk/confirmation-of-local-plan-response and enter your name, postcode, email address and phone number. The phone number is only in case they cannot match your details against a prior response. Click on the radio button next to the confirmation statement and then click “Submit”. It takes 2 minutes.


You should receive an email confirming the receipt.

Submitting a new response

If you wish to submit a new response this can be done via the link http://www.hart.gov.uk/local-plan-consultation-2016. Our previous guide to completion still applies and you can find it at http://hookdevaction.org.uk/housing-consultation-quick-guide/ along with links to the in-depth information about the consultation.