Hart Housing Consultation Stopped

Hart have decided to stop the current Housing Consultation, just one day before the official end date.

In their rush to get the consultation up and running before Christmas, there were anomalies introduced in the consultation documentation and also differences between the online form and the downloadable “paper” (PDF) form. They attempted to correct these errors during the consultation period, but this meant that residents were basing their responses on different information at different times. An action group elsewhere in the district was questioning the whole basis of the consultation because of these errors and changes. We believe that Hart have decided that to continue would leave them open to challenge on the results.


A great many people across the district, including many of you, have put a lot of time into responding to this consultation. Many organisations have incurred costs. Thank you to everyone who had already completed the consultation or planned to respond. We believe that Hart will have to rerun the consultation with amended forms and documents and we will let you all know as soon as we have any information on this. Please do not let this display of incompetence from Hart deter you from responding in future as we have to make sure Hook’s voice is heard loud and clear.