Quick Guide to Completing the Hart Housing Consultation

Hart Housing Consultation now restarted!

If you are looking for the background information and reasoning for our recommended responses, click here. This page contains a short form version to help you complete the Housing Options Consultation with responses that are endorsed by Hook Action Against OverdevelopmentHook Parish Council, the Hook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and all of Hook’s District Councillors.

The Consultation web page is here: https://www.hart.gov.uk/local-plan-consultation. Scroll down the page to the form section.

Enter your name, postcode and email address (which will ensure you receive an acknowledgement of your submission). All members of the household can and should complete the form separately, not just one person per household.


Questions 1 and 2

You do not have to answer these questions, but if you have a view on the types of housing mentioned you can enter them here.

Question 3 – Settlement Hierarchy

Question 3 asks whether you agree with the Settlement Hierarchy. Hook is defined as being Tier 2, a “primary Local Service Centre”. It seems Hook is considered Tier 2 mainly on the grounds of size and population since it lacks several facilities present in all other Tier 1 & 2 settlements (Fleet, Blackwater & Hawley and Yateley) and even some smaller Tier 3 settlements have facilities not present in Hook. If you agree with the hierarchy choose yes, if not choose no and enter your reasons.

Question 4 – Preferred Approach

Because you have to rank all options in preference order, it is easiest to show the recommended answer to this question with this image where the coloured dots are the answers we suggest:


Question 5 – Preferred Combined Approaches

Because you again have to rank all options in preference order, this image shows our recommended answers as being best for Hook:


Click “Next page” underneath Question 5 to move to the final questions.

Questions 6 and 7 – Individual Sites

You do not have to answer these questions at all, but if you wish to rank the smaller sites in Hook (or any other settlement in Hat) then you can do so in this section.

Draft Local Plan Vision and Priorities Consultation Q1 to Q3

Unfortunately Hart have made the questions on the vision and priorities mandatory ones. The relevant document is very short (just 5 pages of actual information) and there are 3 relatively simple questions. We will leave you to take your own view on the vision and priorities, but if you do not want to answer the questions you can only really choose “Yes”, “Agree” and “Yes” for the three questions in order to submit the form.

That’s it

Remember if you want to see the full guide with links to all the documents you can look here: http://hookdevaction.org.uk/hart-housing-consultation-dec2015/