Public Meeting on planning with our MP

Our MP, James Arbuthnot, will be holding a ‘Meet your MP’ session next week with the focus squarely on planning.

Date: Friday 14th March
Time: 7 viagra gel.30pm to 8.30pm
Location: Basingstoke Country Hotel, Woodlands Suite

Also attending to hear residents’ views first hand will be the prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Ranil Jayawardena. Since James Arbuthnot is standing down at the next election and has had a large majority at previous elections, there is obviously a high chance that Ranil will be our next MP. Hook Ward District Councillors and other Hart Council members will also be there to present the current situation and answer questions.

The general format will be:

  1. Council members to present the current planning situation and the difficulties they face
  2. MP and Candidate for MP to respond to the many emails sent by residents and explain what they are doing and are planning to do about these problems
  3. Questions from the floor

I would encourage as many people as possible to attend and I certainly plan to be there. I know it is a Friday evening, but it is only 1 hour and it is really important that they see how much this means to the people they represent or hope to represent. Obviously there is not time in a 1 hour meeting to go into great detail on any one case or into all the issues, but the fact is they pretty much know what the problem is. We just need to convince them that this is a real “pain point” for us and therefore for them also. The real power in planning clearly rests with the government, so we must influence them as directly as possible. Your emails have had an effect, now come to this meeting and keep up the momentum. Although we’re all extremely frustrated with the situation, we must keep it civil; if they just see us as an unruly mob we won’t get our message heard loud and clear.

If anyone would like to attend but needs transport please let me know, I am sure we can get you there. Do share lifts if you can because parking can be difficult if there are multiple events taking place at the hotel.

Please tell others who may be interested.