West of Hook (700 houses!) Developer Revises Application, New Action Needed

OBJECT NOW AT Hart Planning Application

Follow this link to find the date on which you submitted your original comment: Names and Dates

The planning application for 700 houses to the west of Hook (at “Owen’s Farm”) quite rightly attracted over 830 objections from the public. This speculative, developer-led proposal is not needed to meet Hart’s housing targets and would be a horrendous extension to Hook with it having even more houses than the huge development of 550 at North East Hook.

As a response to the public objections, the developer has submitted further documentation on the application in an attempt to overcome them. The prime document is a 278 page Traffic Assessment Addendum. This document claims to resolve all of the transport and traffic issues with respect to the initial application. We categorically believe the issues are NOT resolved.

Hart as the Planning Authority have decided that the revision to the application is significant enough to invite new public comments on the planning application. If you were one of the people who objected previously then we have to ask that you do so once again because otherwise the developer may claim that you feel your previous objection has been overcome. If you did not comment before then please do so this time.

The page at http://hookdevaction.org.uk/westofhook/ has been updated with an analysis of the revisions and information on how to respond this time. Use the “Subscribe” link at the top of this page to receive our email alerts.